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HITSPHealthcare Information Technology Standards Panel
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IHE has active domain specifications for a number of healthcare areas, as does HITSP.
The HITSP will also work with other national, regional, and international groups addressing healthcare informatics.
It is my hope that HITSP continues to serve as the multi-stakeholder group doing the standards harmonization work requested by the Standards Committee.
Cross vendor application integration: integration (sharing single database) rather than interfacing--HL7, CCR, DICOM, CCHIT, HITSP, ASTM
There is a tremendous body of work being done through standards organizations like HITSP (The Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel, administered by the Washington-based American National Standards Institute in cooperation with partners such as Chicago-based HIMSS).
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), HITSP is working nationally to integrate public- and private-sector standards that will meet clinical and business needs for sharing information among organizations and systems.
HITSP says the new standards will help to ensure the security of patient medical information within an electronic environment as well as to ensure only authorized personnel access it for official purposes.
The IHE event monitored, reviewed and verified PatientKeeper's ability to support IHE and HITSP standards for Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA); Consistent Time (CT); Patient Demographic Query (PDQ); Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.
HITSP and AHIC are working together to implement standards for the secure exchange of interoperable healthcare data and the development of the nationwide health information network (NHIN).
Department of Veterans Affairs noted, "This new profile, in conjunction with XPSA SAML and XACML, completes the effort undertaken by OASIS in support of the HITSP Access Control construct and the Nationwide Health Information Network.