HIUSHousehold Internet Use Survey (Canada Labour Force Survey)
HIUSHistory of the United States (college course; various locations)
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We limit our sample to nonelderly adults (18-64) with at least one dependent child in their health insurance unit (HIU) (1) and HIU income less than 138 percent of the FPL.
The 75th percentile estimate means that a quarter of nonelderly individuals in the United States live in HIUs that allocate 8.2 percent or more of their total income to medical out-of-pocket spending, while the 90th percentile estimate means that 10 percent devote 19.7 percent or more of their income to health care.
The powdered fibers or shives were suspended in distilled water and treated with ultrasound (ultrasonic processor UP 200 Hp, 200 W, frequency 26 kHz, amplitude 90%, sonotrode S26d14, and 014 mm) (HIUS) for 30 min.
HIUS is also effective in inactivating a wide range of microorganisms (e.g., bacteria, fungi, protozoa) in many liquids (water, milk, juice; Jiranek et al.
The Trinidad and Tobago striker hopes Sunderland will feel the benefit of hius renaissance.
THAT'S MY BOY: Padraig Harrington this week launching hius Charitable Foundation and Charity Golf Show with his 16-month-old son Paddy
His outward, affable manner, his sheer enthusiasm for his work and his acute honesty (particularly the candid way in which he has discussed hius frequent bouts of depression) have all marked him out as a bloody nice bloke.
The nearest campground, one of several in Black Hius National Forest, is seven miles east of the park.
To determine insurance expansion eligibility, household members were placed into health insurance units (HIUs), allowing for the grouping of individuals according to their insurance eligibility rather than family relation or household membership.