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HIVHuman Immunodeficiency Virus
HIVHandels- und Industrieverein (Canton of Bern, Switzerland)
HIVHigh Interest Vessel
HIVHair Is Vanishing
HIVHistory in Voices (education project)
HIVHeader Isolation Valve (subsea oil & gas)
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We determined the impact of the different pre-test probabilities of HIV prevalence on the performance of these assays.
Encouraging honest, open conversation with each other is key to reducing stress and stigma for HIV-positive people--and will help HIV-negative people be less naive about what HIV is.
An altered milieu of endocrine or paracrine hormones in the setting of HIV infection or its treatment may also contribute to adipocyte dysfunction.
5, respectively), as did respondents who had been recruited at a site other than a gay social organization, users of illicit drugs, men who had had six or more male partners, those who had had an STD, those who considered themselves unlikely to be infected with HIV and those who had told new sex partners in the previous six months their HIV status (1.
It goes back to literally centuries of unequal treatment of women," says Karina Danvers, director of the Connecticut AIDS Education and Training Center at the Yale School of Nursing in New Haven, who is HIV positive herself.
He reported that during December he had consensual, unprotected, receptive anal intercourse with 2 male inmates at the correctional facility; both of these inmates had chronic HIV infection.
While (HIV patients) are living longer and healthier lives, it may have created an environment of real concern - a perception that people can live with HIV.
The new report (1) is consistent with many studies that have found that depression is associated with worse outcome in HIV and other diseases--and with growing indications that treatment of "mental" conditions can make a big difference in the progression and outcome of the "physical" illness.
The concentrations were even greater than those in tissue from women's cervices, which are highly susceptible to HIV infection.
Uni-Gold HIV has become the Gold Standard in the fight against Aids in Africa.
HIV can have a profound physiological impact on children.