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HIV-CTSHIV Counseling and Testing Services (US CDC)
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The analyses used data on HIV tests provided to Hispanics and whites aged 13 and older at sites operated by 30 health departments that receive CDC funding for HIV counseling and testing services; information on both clinical sites (e.g., STD, family planning or prenatal clinics; community health centers; or physician's offices) and nonclinical sites (e.g., HIV testing and counseling centers) was included.
Among the 1,359 partners who were notified and counseled, 767 (56.4%) had not been tested previously, suggesting that PCRS can be effective in locating persons at risk for HIV infection who are not receiving HIV counseling and testing services through other programs.
But more work is needed to increase community use of voluntary HIV counseling and testing services and to promote behavior change for preventing HIV transmission and seeking care and support for HIV infection.
CDPH also supports HIV counseling and testing services for their enrolled clients in 24 substance abuse treatment programs.