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HIWIHilfsfreiwillige (German Army Volunteer forces usually made up of Soviet volunteers, WWII)
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His show Hiwi the Kiwi Goes Fishing is punctuated with songs written by Mark himself, which include Kai Moana', stories, dance and humour.
We genotyped 24 SNPs and excluded those SNPs that, in fewer than 10 study participants, were homozygous carriers of the variant allele (rg1106042 in HIWI, rs3742330 in DICER, rs417309 in DGCR8, rs636832 in AGOl) and those in which Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium was not met at the 0.
Reciprocal altruism and food sharing decisions among Hiwi and Ache hunter-gatherers.
Food transfers among Hiwi foragers of Venezuela: Tests of reciprocity.
According to Hiwi and Pat Tauroa in their 1986 book Te Marae: A Guide to Customs and Protocols, the marae is the wahi ranatira mana (place of greatest mana), wahi rangatira wairua (place of greatest spirituality), wahi rangatira iwi (place that heightens peoples dignity), and wahi rangatira tikanga Maori (place in which Maori customs are given ultimate expression).
Because of the men's emotional reaction to the previous massacre, the shooting at the gravesite was to be carried out by a unit of auxiliary killers known as Hiwis (hilfcwil-ligen, auxiliary volunteers), men from eastern European POW camps who were recruited, trained, and supervised by the SS.