HIXHollosi Information EXchange
HIXHeterogeneous Information Exchange
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As noted in Frost & Sullivan's ongoing coverage of the HIX market, carrying out the plan is a massive undertaking, as each state must connect with federal agencies to determine the applicant's eligibility for federal subsidies and Medicaid.
As a trusted advisor to so many in the healthcare industry, we created Alfred as a value add tool for our clients as they plan their QHP portfolio for the 2015 HIX Marketplace," said Nancy Wise, vice president of strategic consulting for HTMS, an Emdeon company.
A little over a year ago, WINhealth executives realized that participating in the HIX marketplace could dramatically alter the way their health plan serves members and providers and also realized that outside expertise would be necessary to plan and execute their strategy within tight deadlines.
With the current expansion of the relationship, Inovalon will extend its services to include commercial HIX Marketplace risk score accuracy, Edge Server support, medical record audit support, and business intelligence and financial reporting solutions.
Those who do not have insurance through their employer or through Medicaid or Medicare will have the option to go to a new HIX marketplace in their state to enroll in a private healthcare plan.
This session will outline how, once HIXs are up and running, payers will need to be sure that their HIX line of business is fully integrated with their operations, and also discuss practical ways to ensure the HIX represents new business and is not simply a shift of members from one line of business to another.
How other states can benefit from the work of these early HIX implementation states and teams;
H2RMinutes: HIX is the latest addition to the suite of newsbriefs offered by Health2 Resources, beginning with its popular H2RMinutes: Patient-Centered Care and the 2011 launch of H2RMinutes: Accountable Care.
By partnering with CenseoHealth, HIX plans are able to offer their members quality time with a physician at a location that is convenient for them.
All the above mentioned factors contribute to the potential growth opportunity of the HIX market.
BMA is entering into a joint business venture with HIX Partners to bring numerous coverage options to BMA brokers and employer groups, beginning with a fully-insured Premium Saver HRA program.
States are more focused than ever on meeting the deadlines that outline HIX implementation progress--determining a strategy, selecting vendors, making design plans and having discussions with participants to ensure they will be able to enroll.