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HJDHospital for Joint Diseases
HJDHunter-Jumper-Dressage (Easton, CT)
HJDHandigodu Joint Disease
HJDHeliocentric Julian Day/Date (astronomy)
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HJD gave the SSEC full authority over surgery department operations, and the committee launched several initiatives to improve OR efficiency.
A separate SSEC task force analyzed HJD preference cards to remove unneeded or rarely used items and standardize items for like procedures.
Performing a similar Lomb-Scargle analysis followed by pre-whitening of the data during the slow fade, between HJD 2455962 and 2455965, yielded a superhump signal at 12.
We again took the data between HJD 2455959 and 2455962, but this time we removed the data points corresponding to the eclipses before carrying out a Lomb-Scargle period analysis.
Figure 5 is an example of pre- and postoperative quality of life improvement in the HJD patient sample in four different spinal pathologies, as measured with the cost-utility measure EuroQol and plotted as box plots.
sh] was constant between HJD 2455086 and 2455092, at which point the period suddenly decreased to give a new superhump period regime.
Superhumps were clearly visible between HJD 2455607 and 2455610 (Figures 2a and 2b) indicating that this was a superoutburst, and that SDSS J112003.
The obligated group consists of MSH, NYUHC and HJD only.
Jager, acquired on February 9, 1995 1,560,878 common shares of HJD from Mr.
sh] before and after superhump cycle 15 Superhump HJD range [P.
sh] before and after superhump cycle 80 Superhump HJD range Psh from Psh from cycle range (2454+) superhump Lomb-Scargle timings (d) analysis (d) 0-80 743.