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HJRHouse Joint Resolution
HJRHepatojugular Reflux
HJRHenry James Review (est. 1980; academic journal)
HJRHorizontal Joint Reinforcement
HJRHadji Jalili Revivals LLC (reproduction Persian carpets; Menlo Park, CA)
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He added that he doesn't believe future TSET programs or initiatives would be compromised if HJR 1017 is adopted.
10964 should be amended such that the validity of the MOOE and CO appropriations shall be extended for another fiscal year for the benefit of the people and for the welfare of the nation,' HJR said.
The new HJR Series is small in size with high-voltage, making it very useful in inverter, DC link, AC/DC motor control and solar inverter applications.
HJR 1 provided that after they were appointed, district court of appeal judges and Supreme Court justices could not appear on the merit retention ballot more than twice.
The HJR is a simple, reliable, but neglected physical exam sign useful for diagnosing and managing HF.
(249) The senate version of the revised draft, SJR 2-2X (68), differed from the house version, HJR 1-2X (68), in part by using a different numbering for proposed article IV, resulting in the section on executive branch reorganization becoming article IV, section 6.
The TV footie pundit is also a director of HJR Enterprises, another company jointly owned with Sandra.
In addition, the Governor announced his support of House Joint Resolution (HJR) 520, which ultimately was adopted by the General Assembly.
HJR 16 faced a vote in the Alaska House of Representatives last month, but the measure's sponsor, Rep.
A bill was prepared by Representative John Dougall, HJR 18 Joint Resolution on Personal Property Tax, in an attempt to make that amendment.