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HJVHjemmeværnet (Danish National Guard)
HJVHessischer Judo Verband (German: Hessian Judo Federation; Frankfurt, Germany)
HJVHypocritae Jacobeae Virus
HJVHighland J-Virus
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Due HJV specific structure with a large number of volunteer members and a number of employees, the above products are sold through a webshop, the supplier shall establish and operate.
Dos proteinas regulan la HJV, la matriptasa 2 tambien llamada TMPRSS6, una serina proteasa que actua como regulador negativo de la HJV (80) y la neogenina, que interactua con la HJV, la BPM y su receptor, modulando positivamente la expresion de la Hpc por medio de un complejo de union a HVJ (81).
HJV je ctvrtou sluzbou Obrany (vedle armady, letectva a namornictva) urcenou pro obranu domaciho teritoria, presto se nekteri jeji clenove od roku 2008 zapojili do misi v Kosovu a Afghanistanu.
La HJV es una proteina de membrana producida principalmente en el higado y, en una menor proporcion, en el musculo esqueletico y cardiaco [5,14].
On Sunday morning, HJV activists staged a protest outside the Deputy Commissioner's office, condemning the arrests of their group members.
Studies from various spontaneous or transgenic animal models in zebra-fish, mice, and rat and certain human genetic disease conditions (Table IV) implicate mutations in HFE, TFR2, hepcidin, HJV, IREG1, TF, ceruloplasmin and ferritin to some form of iron overloading pathology.
None of the EVEV PRNT-positive sera contained detectable neutralizing antibody against EEEV or HJV, which ruled out the possibility of cross-reactions with related, sympatric alphaviruses.
The HJV gene codes for a membrane protein, hemojuvelin.
The bad news is that the other half of the difference in growth projections will be due to a rise in deaths, the majority stemming from higher levels of HJV prevalence.
The ninth annual National HJV Testing Day, sponsored by the National Association of People with AIDS, is June 27, 2003.
For 13 years the Clinical Care Options for HJV Symposium has brought together about 300 frontline HIV doctors for an annual meeting on treating HIV.
Among the new classes of drugs under study are HJV integrase inhibitors, which block the enzyme that HIV uses to incorporate its genetic material into human DNA, and HIV entry inhibitors, which prevent the virus from entering the cell.