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HJVHjemmeværnet (Danish National Guard)
HJVHessischer Judo Verband (German: Hessian Judo Federation; Frankfurt, Germany)
HJVHypocritae Jacobeae Virus
HJVHighland J-Virus
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Xenon and Roche have entered into an exclusive worldwide research and license agreement to jointly research protein-based inhibitors of HJV.
TF Transferrin, a primary iron HJV transport protein in the serum that reversibly binds iron with high affinity.
However, alphavirus- neutralizing antibodies generally do not cross-react, and none of the EVEV-seropositive dogs had neutralizing antibodies to EEEV or HJV, which indicates that the dogs sampled were not infected with any known, related, sympatric alphaviruses.
Soluble HJV, which also acts as an antagonist of BMP signaling, decreases hepcidin baseline expression in mice, mobilizes RE-system (splenic) iron stores, increases liver iron content and concurrently increases serum concentrations (208).
On Sunday morning, HJV activists staged a protest outside the Deputy Commissioner's office, condemning the arrests of their group members.
Genetic abnormalities and juvenile hemochromatosis: mutations of the HJV gene encoding hemojuvelin.
Zarlink's HJV silicon process is a double-polysilicon, triple-metal technology with fully complementary NPN (n-channel, p-channel, n-channel) and PNP transistor structures.
The gene HJV [hemochromatosis type 2 (juvenile); also known as HFE2] encodes a newly identified protein, called hemojuvelin (HJV), and is highly expressed in skeletal muscle and heart and only to a limited extent in liver (Fig.
In addition, collaborators from several medical centers in The Netherlands provided urine and serum samples from 3 patients with distinct forms of hereditary hemochromatosis not associated with the hemochromatosis (HFE) gene [Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) type 2a, homozygous G320V HJV variation (11); OMIM type 4, N144H-caused ferroportin disease (12)].
Clinically refractory lesions due to genital HSV are a major problem in patients with severe immunodeficiency, including late stage HJV diseases.
Juvenile hemochromatosis (JH) is due to a mutation in 1 of 2 genes: HFE2 [hemochromatosis type 2 (juvenile); also known as HJV and encoding hemojuvelin] (7) and, more rarely, HAMP (hepcidin antimicrobial peptide) (8).
The tangled HJV has been headed by Maytas Infra, Shankaranarayana Construction Company plus Nagarjuna Construction Ltd.