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hK1Human Kallikrein 1
HK1Human Keratin 1
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However, the fold difference of the three RP genes' mRNA in HK1 and TW01 cell lines is not statistically significant, albeit large differential expression of all three RP genes between HK1 and NP69 cell lines (Figure 1(a)).
56 ordinary equity holders (cents) Interim Dividend (cents per share) HK1.
A typical street flyer will offer a man's suit, sports jacket, trousers, two shirts and two ties for about HK1,500-1,800 (around pounds 135-165) - and a free taxi trip to the shop.
1AA 700Y 16OCT W PHXDFW HK1 100P 416P 2AA 1526 19OCT J DFWMCI HK1 1144A 114P 3HP 2548 22OCT T MCIPHX HK1 502P 654p
The Group recommended the payment of a final dividend of HK1.
It is planned to renew the low-voltage main distribution HK1.
1UA 92 11SEP W SANJFK HK1 650A 445P 2TW 144Y 11SEP W JFKMXP HK1 630P 820A +1
The Board has recommended a payment of a final dividend of HK1.
In the 4 nude mice inoculated with HK1 cells, an EBV-negative cell line, the human albumin gene, human mitochondrial ND6 gene, and murine [beta]-globin gene sequences, but not EBV DNA sequences, were detected in the plasma.
Located near the existing HK1 IBX data center in the western part of the New Territories region, the HK2 facility will have direct fiber connection with the HK1 IBX data center.
Operating also within our TY2, HK1 and ZH1 centers will put Hurricane Electric in the middle of an existing community of international and local networks and carriers for its next generation IP access service.
As operation activities have brought in a steady cash flow, the Board has resolved to declare an interim dividend of HK1.