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The HKAFO stands for hips, knees, ankle and foot orthosis and costs around PS1,200 while the bike is PS1,300."
Abbreviations: 6MWT = 6-minute walking test, 10MWT = 10 m walking test, AFO = ankle-foot orthosis, ASIA = American Spinal Injury Association, C = cervical, CBO = controlled-brake orthosis, DC = direct current (motor), ESO = energy-storing orthosis, FES = functional electrical stimulation, HAS = hybrid assistive system, HKAFO = hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis, HyPo = hybrid powered orthosis, KAFO = knee-ankle-foot orthosis, PID = proportional-integral-derivative, RGO = reciprocating gait orthosis, SCI = spinal cord injury, SFMO = self-fitting modular orthosis, T = thoracic, WISCI II = Walking Index for Spinal Cord Injury Version 2.
RGOs are HKAFOs in which the hips are coupled by a mechanical linkage so that hip flexion provides coupled contralateral hip extension while keeping the knee and ankle fixed [52].
One of the current study patients (number 24, L3 AIS B) who were given an HKAFO with a waist belt terminated orthosis use because of its unsuitability for outside use and the difficulty of application and removal.
Locomotion can not be the reason for this high rate, because only 2 of the HKAFO users used it for locomotion outside, and 1 patient used it for locomotion inside.
Abbreviations: 3-D = three-dimensional, COM = center of mass, GRF = ground reaction force, HGO = hip guidance orthosis, HKAFO = hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis, IRGO = isocentric reciprocating gait orthosis, RGO = reciprocating gait orthosis, ROM = range of motion, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, VACMARL = VA Chicago Motion Analysis Research Laboratory.