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Therefore, to overcome the shortcomings of the music conspectus and other assessment methods, the HKBU library created a tool that would allow these methods to be used in a more comprehensive way when assessing its score collection.
In addition, only those music categories that the HKBU Music Department needed for its curriculum and research were considered.
Although many libraries have used the music conspectus successfully, it was quite difficult for the HKBU library to carry out such a task.
Then, for some genres that were especially important to the HKBU music users, in order to allow for a more refined analysis, these were further split into smaller subjects according to their instrumentation or ensemble type (see table 3).
While many conspectus studies primarily or solely involved a yes-or-no title check against a core list or the holdings of other institutions, the HKBU library further employed a multidimensional technique to identify not only what the library owned (or the number of titles), but also to see if score publishers and formats (whether full scores, miniature scores, piano reduction scores, etc.
It was evident that the strongest parts of the HKBU library's Western score collection were in the orchestral and opera/musical areas, and the weakest part was in the chamber music section.
Wang Kai, president of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Shaoxing Branch said: "The field trip to Shaoxing undertaken by the students of HKBU Eastern China 8th Program can be expanded into long-term business research activities in the future.
Faculty members of the Department of History and the Department of Religion and Philosophy of HKBU have come to recognize that this is a new source of documentation for the study of East-West relations.
In 1989 Barton Starr, a Southern Baptist missionary educator with the HKBU Department of History, started his research work on Robert Morrison (1782-1834) and, in the same year, established the Morrison Research Center in the department.
With the approval of HKBU and the support given by the university library, the Archives on the History of Christianity in China (AHC) was officially established in the library building in October 1996.
This grant has affirmed the importance of and need for further research into the history of Christianity in China and can also be seen as a sign of confidence in the establishment of archives in HKBU.
Because of the growing demand to access archival materials in full text online, HKBU has developed an AHC Web page (http://www.