HKDUHong Kong Doctors Union (Kowloon, Hong Kong)
HKDUHrvatska Kršcanska Demokratska Unija (Croatian Christian Democratic Union)
HKDUHrvatska Krscanska Demokratska Unija (Croatian Christian Democratic Union, political party)
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They are followed by the parties gathered around the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ) BiH - HSS, HKDU, HSP-HNS, HSP DR AS, HDU, HSS SR with 14.3 percent of the votes, then the Democratic Front with slightly more than nine percent, and the Alliance for a Better Future with 6.87 percent.
They are followed by the coalition of HDZ BiH, HSS, HKDU BiH, HSP-HNS, HSP DR AS BiH, HDU BiH, HSS SR with 106,607 votes, or 16.44 percent.
Based on 58.91 percent of polling stations processed so far in the Federation of BiH: Party of Democratic Action has won 25.31 percent of votes; HDZ BiH, HSS, HKDU BiH, HSP-HNS, HSP DR AS BiH, HDU BiH 18.65 percent; SDP BiH 13.95 percent; DF-GS, A1/2eljko KomA!ic:BiH Wins!