HKHHindu Kush-Himalayan
HKHHans Kongelige Højhed (Danish: His Royal Highness)
HKHHare Koninklijke Hoogheid (Dutch: Her Royal Highness)
HKHHendes Kongelige Højhed (Danish: Her Royal Highness)
HKHHöga Kusten Hockey (Swedish Hockey Association in Nordingrå, the High Coast, Kramfors, Sweden)
HKHHong Kong Hilton (hotel; Hong Kong)
HKHHans Kunliga Höghet/Hennes Kungliga Höghet (Swedish: His/Her Royal Highness)
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Titled 'Mountain Water Resources of the HKH Crucial for Downstream Food Production', the presentation highlighted that Indus River has the highest reliance on melt water in the entire HKH region with many parts having more than 60% irrigation supply coming from melt water.
Concerted efforts are needed to overcome difficulties hindering true assessment of glacier mass balance in HKH region, he said, adding that met observations should be increased in the area.
jpgICIMOD is helping build transboundary protected areas across the entire HKH region, where indigenous analysis of biocultural diversity is a crucial component of long-term monitoring and management.
Kantat i anledning av hogtidligheterna den 5 november 1821; Kantat forfattad i anledning av HKH Kronprinsessans ankomst till Sverige och hoga formalning; Serenade.
The HKH frozen water resources are regulated by temperature.
The HKH region, home to 30 percent of the world's glaciers, has been called the "Third Pole".
Hastanin egzersiz dayaniklilik duzeyine gore dusuk (24 MET, hedef kalp hizi-HKH KHmaks'un %65-75'i), orta (3-6,5 MET, HKH KHmaks'un %70-80'i ve yuksek yogunlukta (5-8,5 MET, HKH KHmaks'un % 75-85'i) program uygulanabilir (7,11-13).
SQUEEZE ME TIGHT: Ruth, HKH and Esther (zyhud070910BandsCafe7) * LIFE AND SOUL: John, Sarah and Dave (zyhud070910BandsCafe8) * TOP TRIO OUT ON THE TOWN: Jodie, Alex and Tom (zyhud070910BandsCafe4) POWER TRIO: Tony, Andy and Ernie (zyhud070910BandsCafe5) * TOO SAXY
The overall objective of the Flood Information Management project is to minimise loss of lives and livelihood by reducing flood vulnerability in the HKH region, with specific reference to the Ganga- Brahmaputra- Meghna and Sindhu river basins.
PBS was produced by HKH National Engineering Research Center of Plastic Co.
HKH holds high numbers of breeding arctic terns, as well as the largest colonies of Sabine's gull and ivory gull in Greenland (Forchhammer and Maagaard, 1990; Boertmann, 2000; Gilg et al.
Ellis TM, Sims LD, Wong HKH, Bisset LA, Dyrting KC, Chow KW, et al.