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Three types of students were specified based on cluster analysis: HKLA (high knowledge and low ability), LKLA (low knowledge and low ability), and HKHA (high knowledge and high ability).
there were more boys in the group HKHA and less in LKLA.
Means, standard deviations, and 95% confident intervals of scores in each group Knowledge Patterns Mean SD 95% CI Lower Higher HKLA 24.69 2.81 24.13 25.26 LKLA 15.27 3.25 14.39 16.15 HKHA 25.44 3.08 24.57 26.31 Total 22.33 5.26 21.60 23.06 Ability Patterns Mean SD 95% CI Lower Higher HKLA 12.81 2.59 12.29 13.33 LKLA 10.71 4.07 9.61 11.82 HKHA 20.40 2.71 19.64 21.16 Total 14.15 4.84 13.48 14.82 Table 5.
Understanding the potential benefit of QA management systems, HKHA encouraged the two major local precast prestressed spun concrete pile manufacturers to develop quality schemes for their products in 198719].
In 1990, HKHA identified the need for a formal set of design and construction procedures for their professionals.
In line with the quality improvement, HKHA established its own list of building contractors in April 1990 with a requirement that the latter should obtain ISO 9000 certification by 31 March 1993.
Apart from the PASS, HKHA also established the maintenance assessment scoring system (MASS) for their maintenance works covering: re-roofing, redecoration, asbestos abatement, spalling repair, toilet renovation, re-plumbing, floor re-surfacing and lift maintenance.
Overall, HKHA has 27,000 hospital beds, with around 1.4m in-patients/day patients per year.
Following the review the team provided the HKHA with a detailed report highlighting areas of commendation and those requiring improvement.
Three review team members revisited HKHA to provide briefing sessions to staff across the hospitals within the seven clusters and to present the findings to the HKHA board.
The university's selection also involved a number of Skype interviews, including one with the HKHA Clinical Governance Review Task Force.
Teesside University is now undertaking an Independent Clinical Governance Review of the HKHA, which has 27,000 hospital beds, with around 1.4 million inpatients or day patients per year.