HKHSHong Kong Housing Society
HKHSHealthy Kids, Healthy Schools (Houston, TX)
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She said she was pleased to learn that the HKHS had recently launched the pre-sale of 620 subsidised sale flats in Tuen Mun and Tseung Kwan O, and thanked the HKHS for proactively exploring the initiative to allow the owners of its subsidised sale flats to rent out their flats with premium unpaid to needy families on a pilot basis.
Simultaneously in New York, the United Nations also added both men, HKHS and RMX to its 1988 list of individuals, groups, undertakings and entities associated with Taliban in constituting a threat to the peace, stability and security of Afghanistan.
As a result of today's action, all properties in the US or in the possession or control of US persons in which HKHS, RMX, Sattar or Khairullah have an interest is blocked and US persons are prohibited from engaging in transactions with them.
The Treasury said Sattar is a co-owner and operator of HKHS.
Both have co-owned and jointly operated HKHS throughout Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Dubai and managed an HKHS branch in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region.
Sattar and Khairullah had an equal partnership in HKHS. Sattar founded HKHS and customers chose to use HKHS because of Sattar's and Khairullah's well-known names.
Khairullah was a hawala operator for Taliban senior leadership and provided financial aid to the group and HKHS was a preferred method for Taliban to transfer money to their commanders in Afghanistan.