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HKLAHong Kong Library Association
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HKLA 2018 has five awards, namely the Best Property Award, the Best Licensee Award, the Best Promotion Campaign Award, the Best Young Property Award, and the Best New Character Design for Licensing Award.
Application for HKLA 2018 is open till 10 October 2018.
Multiple comparisons further indicated that the percentages of groups of HKLA and LKLA had no significant association with gender, [chi square] (1) = 2.27, p = .13; the groups of HKLA and HKHA were also independent from gender, [chi square] (1) = 1.81, p = .18.
Three types of students were specified based on cluster analysis: HKLA (high knowledge and low ability), LKLA (low knowledge and low ability), and HKHA (high knowledge and high ability).
For the higher percentage of HKLA, the reason might lie in that the seventh graders were in their first year to study history in depth, therefore, they still lacked knowledge foundations to pursue higher level thinking.