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CommonLII relies principally upon the content of existing LIIs (AustLII, BAILII, CyLaw, CanLII, [71] PacLII, HKLII, NZLII, SAFLII and ZamLII), but also added over 50 databases from 20 additional countries, which do not yet have their own LIIs (mainly in South Asia and the Caribbean).
The Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII) [75] developed by AustLII in 2006, drew on CommonLII's content (for 8 Asian Commonwealth countries), PacLII (for Papua New Guinea) and HKLII (for Hong Kong), and is therefore a multi-LII network.
Most LIIs have had a considerable deal of academic funding and academic institutional support (including HKLII, PacLII, AustLII, LawPhil and BAILII).
One reason is that many LIIs use the Robots Exclusion Standard [108] (see also The Web Robots Pages [109]) to exclude spiders/robots from at least their case law (variously on privacy policy grounds, as required by data sources, and as required by privacy laws).They include CanLII, BAILII, AustLII, NZLII, HKLII and the networked LIIs.
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[41] PunKH,IpG,ChongCF,ChanV,ChowKP,HuiL,TsangWW,ChanH W 'Processing Legal Documents in the Chinese-speaking World: the Experience of HKLII' Proc 3rd Law via Internet Conference, AustLII 2003; Pun K H, Chan E, Chow K P, Chong C F, Ma J, Hui L,TsangWW, Chan HW, ' Cross-referencing for bilingual electronic legal documents in HKLII', 6th Law via Internet Conference, Paris, 2004
The LIIs want to encourage other language-based hubs within the overall network, and are keen to see hubs emerge for major international languages such as Spanish (WorldLII has a 'Spanish Project' demonstration page with its current Spanish databases to encourage this), and Chinese (HKLII is a bilingual system, but there are no other Chinese databases in the network as yet).