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HKMHessisches Kultusministerium (department of education, Germany)
HKMHans Kusters Music (Netherlands)
HKMHarlow Khandhia Mistry LLP (Birmingham, UK)
HKMHawthorne Key Management
HKMHypervelocity Kill Mechanics
HKMHelleseth-Kumar-Martinsen Coding Sequence
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In step 4 of HKM algorithm, the clustering process needs to partition the data items into an appropriate number of subsets, where a new data item is assigned by descending the tree.
Ayrica hastanin birinci derece yakinlarinda, ekokardiyografik taramada HKM ile uyumlu gorunum saptanamadi ve ani olum oykusu mevcut degildi.
HKM was established in 1995 by Rohit Khandhia and Kiran Mistry.
The income generated per household in other districts was an average of Rp 1.6 million (USD 174), and the average household income in rural areas of West Nusa Tenggara Province was Rp 1.26 million (USD 134) per year (BPS 2005b, FORKOD HKm NTB & PKSK Unram 2001).
Anahtar kelimeler: Hipertrofik kardiyomiyopati, obstruktif HKM tedavisi, disopiramid, septal miyektomi, alkol septal ablasyonu, ekokardiyografi
Where, Y is the predicted value of the dependent (body weight) variable, [beta]o is a constant, hkm (Xv(k,m)) is the basis function, in which v(k,m) is an index of the predictor employed in the mth component of the kth product and Km is the parameter limiting the order of interaction.
Amac: Hipertrofik kardiyomiyopatiye(HKM) ikincil olarak gelismis sol ventrikul cikis yolu (SVCY) obstruksiyonun cerrahi tedavisi klasik olarak septal miyektomiye dayanmaktadir.
However, a spokesman for the Leicester-based administrators Harlow, Khandhia and Mistry (HKM), said only secured creditors -such as banks and mortgagees -would receive cash from the administration.
Hipertrofik kardiyomiyopati (HKM)'li hastalarin %5'inde tani konuldugu sirada atriyal fibrilasyon (AF) mevcuttur.
But he was told by HKM that it was unable to 'assist' with the debt and the matter should be taken up with Mr Griffiths.