HKMBHunter Keilty Muntz & Beatty (insurance company; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
HKMBHrvatska Komora Medicinskih Biokemicara (Croatian: Croatian Chamber of Medical Biochemists; Croatia)
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In what has generally been a down or flat year from a revenue standpoint for many brokerages, Belton said the Toronto operations of HKMB HUB, which has about 45 account managers, saw a 12 percent growth in revenue in 2008.
A 1994 merger with Guthrie, Keilty, Bickerstaff and a 1998 merger with Hunter Rowell Limited created HKMB (Hunter Keilty Muntz & Beatty).
After hiring an investment banking firm to investigate the merits of their various credible purchasers, HKMB settled on HUB, which, according to HUB's president of mergers and acquisitions Rick Gulliver, seeks in acquisitions work cultures that it feels will match well with its own.
HKMB, with a management team that was productive and veteran, clearly fell in the former category.
We had and have a very strong practice approach and so we have industries with specific practices here at HKMB," said Belton.