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HKMGHigh-K Metal Gate
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BTI is believed to occur primarily at the silicon-insulator interface; thin HKMG transistors and especially FinFETs are most likely to experience BTI.
An open, advanced production flow based on the Synopsys Galaxy Implementation Platform A Foundry-Ready System technology plug-in pre-validated for CPA 28-nm HKMG technology to accelerate project start and tape-out Advanced visualization capabilities for managing chip design that enable easy flow configuration and execution, as well as on-demand project metrics
The announcement represents an extension of existing joint development agreements and further progression in the technology offerings of the alliance partners, building on the success of earlier joint development work in 32nm HKMG technology.
The HKMG process provides improved drive capability and transistor performance as well as reduced gate leakage, SMIC says.
TSMC's 28nm HKMG process features gate-last design whereas the process offered by Samsung and GlobalFoundries adopts gate-first design.
HKMG was a significant innovation in leakage reduction, FinFETs are a great
GlobalFoundries optimizes 28nm HKMG process for ARM's new dual-core Cortex A9 chip
s (TSMC's) HP HKMG 28-nanometer process technology and will put the devices into mass production in the second half of 2011 after offering samples early next year.
Because of the availability of the Agilent B1530 and the WGFMU capability in Agilent-IIT device characterization lab, IIT Bombay could make ultrafast measurements of BTI degradation in deeply scaled HKMG devices for both DC and AC stress.
6 -- With a Technology Qualification Vehile (TQV) in place, GlobalFoundries is currently optimizing its 28nm HKMG (high-K metal gate) process, and is ready to start producing processors based on the ARM Cortex A9 design for customers
Customers will receive design flexibility on GLOBALFOUNDRIES' advanced HKMG semiconductor manufacturing capabilities under the SoC enablement programmes that are built around the entire suite of ARM Physical IP, Fabric IP and Processor IP.