HKNCHelen Keller National Center
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We were honored and very pleased to have Senator Phillips visit our Sands Point headquarters," remarked HKNC Executive Director Susan Ruzenski.
HKNC provides comprehensive vocational and independent living training on a national level to youths and adults who are deaf-blind.
According to McNulty, the bulk of the gift will be used to build the conference center, which will feature video teleconferencing and closed circuit television to help HKNC provide training for clients, staff and its affiliates, including 40 state and private agencies serving the deaf-blind.
Thirty-nine public and private agencies are presently affiliated with HKNC.
In the 50 years since HKNC was founded, communication technology has evolved dramatically and rapidly, but the culture of touch remains a pivotal value and way of life among people in the deaf-blind community," observed Ruzenski.
We collected and compiled preferences and applications over the 2 years Kirk was at HKNC.
The unique vocational process at HKNC includes utilizing situational assessments.
As a means of documentation of learned signs, HKNC utilizes Signs of Success.
HKNC has the professionals to test the aids and devices with deaf-blind clients and to make specific recommendations for improvements.
Headquartered in Sands Point, New York, HKNC offers its consumers (who are referred and sponsored by their state vocational rehabilitation agencies) individualized diagnostic evaluation and short-term comprehensive rehabilitation training.