HKOHong Kong Observatory
HKOHello Kitty Online (online game; Sanrio, Inc.)
HKOHong Kong Office
HKOHrvatski Kvalifikacijski Okvir (Croatian: Croation Qualifying Framework; educational initiative)
HKOHeat Killed Organism
HKOHeckler and Koch Oberndorf
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Consistencies with the PHCS and HKO were further evident in service provision.
Prior to the release of the PHCS and HKO, service contracts had at times required concerted negotiation because they differed from established contracting frameworks and mainstream practices.
The implementation of the PHCS and HKO validated these practices, enabling the contracts to be renegotiated more easily.
The HKO will set up a backup AAWC in Hong Kong and provide technical and operational support.
The "Announcement on Localised Heavy Rain" will be disseminated through the radio, television, the HKO website and the "MyObservatory" mobile app (see the attached appendix).
In this pamphlet, the HKO has updated the likely future climate scenarios for the world and Hong Kong, taking into consideration the emission reduction pledges made by countries attending the summit.
A new section on adaptation to climate change has been added in the second edition of 'Hong Kong in a Warming World' to highlight possible action that we could take together to make Hong Kong more capable in adapting to climate change and the associated extreme weather, so that we will become a more resilient city," a spokesman for the HKO said.