HKPHis Kingdom Prophecy (theology)
HKPHook Up
HKPHong Kong Police
HKPHokuetsu Kishu Paper (Japan)
HKPHealthy Kids Program (various locations)
HKPHong Kong Photographic
HKPHong Kong Professionals
HKPHorowitz Keyserver Protocol (cryptography)
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HKP architects is a full service architectural design firm with offices in Mount Vernon and Seattle.
When saturated, the HKP levels are no longer within the linear dynamic range for immunodetection, preventing accurate quantification.
HKP is the successor to companies that have been around since 1948, and has developed and managed multi-family homes for over 60 years.
Trakya Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Hastanesi'nde Mart 2005-Subat 2006 tarihleri arasinda yogun bakim uniteleri disinda HKP gelisen eriskin hastalarin demografik verilerini, mortaliteyi etkileyen risk faktorlerini, mikrobiyolojik verilerini, alti haftalik ve bir yillik survilerini prospektif olarak bir baska calismada incelemistik (4).
The hangars, to be located at Malmen airport outside Linkoping, will be used by the new HKP 14 and 15 helicopter systems.
In comparison, in the HKP model, both firms always downgrade quality, leading to reduced average quality, but the reduction of domestic consumer surplus is consistent with HKP.
Both before and after the implementation of Title XXI, the HKP used a passive renewal process to renew coverage for its enrollees.
Ausems MG, Lochman P, van Diggelen OP, van Amstel HKP, Reuser AJ, Wokke JH.
consortium HKP, which included Time Warner and TCI, sold its stake in Sky.
The new building was designed by HKP Architects and incorporates a number of features to reduce its environmental impact and reduce operating costs.