HKPAHong Kong Playground Association
HKPAHong Kong Paragliding Association
HKPAHong Kong People's Alliance on WTO
HKPAHong Kong Progressive Alliance
HKPAHong Kong Picture Archive
HKPAHong Kong Parkour Association (Hong Kong)
HKPAHong Kong Physiotherapy Association
HKPAHong Kong Policy Act of 1992 (US)
HKPAHong Kong Printers Association, Ltd.
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Secondly, because of the fragmented and divided nature of the political parties in the legislature, government bills can be passed easily by lobbying for support from pro-establishment parties, such as the LP, HKPA and DAB.
Nevertheless, the DAB, LP and HKPA were far less popular than the DP in the LegCo's direct elections in 1995.
TABLE 2 Parties and the HKSAR's Influential Political Bodies 424-member 60-member 15-member Party Selection Provisional Executive Committee for Legislature Council HKPA(*) 56 (7 elected) 9 1 DAB 43 (4 elected) 10 1 LP 12 (1 elected) 10 1 ADPL 4 (none was elected 4 0 DP 0 0 0 Notes: * The HKPA members here include members of the Liberal Democratic Federation.
While the DAB must be able to prevent the liberal-oriented parties from capturing all of the twenty directly elected seats, the LegCo's functional constituency election perpetuates and legitimizes the political dominance of conservative-oriented parties - the LP and HKPA - in the legislature.
46) On the other hand, it can be anticipated that conservative parties such as the LP and HKPA would try to prolong the existence of functional constituency elections in the LegCo and resist any move towards universal suffrage.