HKPSHong Kong Psychological Society
HKPSHong Kah Primary School (Singapore)
HKPSHousekeeping Power Supply
HKPSHong Kong Philatelic Society
HKPSHong Kong Pure Strings (est. 2005; Hong Kong)
HKPSHong Kong Postal Service
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Even if HKPs are properly validated for use under the relevant experimental conditions and optimized so they are present at levels within the linear dynamic range of quantitation, the process of using them--either by stripping and re-probing or via multiplex fluorescent blot detection--can be daunting.
When working with weakly expressed proteins, researchers often go with longer exposure times at the expense of over-saturating the stronger expression signals, such as those that result from an overabundance of HKPs. To prevent saturation effects, researchers must characterize x-ray film to identify its linear dynamic range for detection of a particular antibody under the relevant testing conditions to prevent saturation effects.
When saturated, the HKP levels are no longer within the linear dynamic range for immunodetection, preventing accurate quantification.
In the case of Hiroshima Kids Peace Station (HKPS), a strong sense of reader orientation is created through the use of a distinctive visual compositional pattern.
So far, I have examined the general composition structure on the website, which suggests that there is a clear repetitive pattern in the organisation of the information on HKPS. Such composition structure creates a strong sense of reader orientation.
If we rethink the definition of genre as a goal-oriented, staged, social process, we could consider the HKPS as representative of a special digital genre, or macro-genre to be more precise.