HKRHHong Kong Renaissance Hotel
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Kennedy Wong, Chairman of HKRH and 3D-GOLD, said at the ceremony, "We are pleased to open 3D-GOLD's operations headquarters in China which marks a new milestone in the Group's development.
The remaining subscribers are executive directors of HKRH, which include chairman Dr Kennedy Wong and executive directors Dr Liu Wang Zhi and Dr Herbert Hui.
I am confident in our prospects ahead, and intend to continue to give strong support to HKRH and work closely with the management team and staff to bring our business to new heights
HKRH is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and principally engages in the trading and retailing of gold, jewellery and other precious metal products.
Alex Chui, Executive Director of HKRH, said, "According to Ministry of Civil Affairs of the Central Government, 10 million couples are expected to get married this year.