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HKSHarvard Kennedy School (John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University; Cambridge, MA)
HKSHerz Kreislauf System (German: Cardiovascular System)
HKSHong Kong Section (various organizations)
HKSHrvatski Košarkaški Savez (Croatian Basketball Federation)
HKSHong Kong Standard
HKSHrvatski Konjicki Savez (Croatian Equestrian Federation)
HKSHrvatski Kuglacki Savez (Croatian Pin Bowling Federation)
HKSHrvatski Karate Savez (Croatian Karate Federation)
HKSSilver Hake
HKSHasegawa, Kitagawa, Sigma (automotive performance products)
HKSHibbit, Karlsson & Sorenson Inc
HKSHrvatski Kineziološki Savez (Croatian Kinesiological Federation)
HKSHrvatski Kajakaški Savez (Croatian Canoe Federation)
HKSHrvatski Kickboxing Savez (Croatian Kickboxing Federation)
HKSHoming and Kill Stage
HKSHrvatski Klizacki Savez (Croatian Skating Federation)
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For the next three years, the fellowship will cover the costs for up to two accepted applicants from Tunisia per year, enrolled in the HKS Master in Public Administration (MPA) degree program.
Applications for admission to HKS are now open and will close at 5:00pm EST on Tuesday, December 3, 2019.
HKS offers services and programs through two divisions: Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults and Helen Keller Services for the Blind.
HKS Principal Ayush Kapahi, added, "The quality and strength of the Sponsorship and our confidence in their ability to continue to deliver a premium product, played an integral role in getting lenders comfortable with the deal."
In addition to the WEFTTRONICA(r) II HKS, there will also be a TM WEFT in future.
Displacement ventilation relies on air's natural buoyancy to deliver fresh air efficiently, but at a lower velocity and higher temperature than a traditional VAV system, explains Tommy Zakrzewski, director of integrative energy engineering for HKS.
The HKS requires the shooter to insert the cartridges into the cylinder and then turn a knurled metal knob clockwise to release the captured rounds.
HKS is a global leader in educating and empowering public leaders in the US.
She added , "We are extremely interested in increasing the number of Omani candidates who apply to HKS, ones who care deeply about making a substantial contribution, not only to their community and country, but to the world.
Alexandra Martinez, assistant dean for student diversity and inclusion, visited Lebanon this week to spread the word about the programs offered at HKS. Although the number of its students from the Arab world has increased in the past decade, there continues to be a shortage of students from Lebanon.
My test samples (K-and J-Frame models for the HKS loaders) holds the loader securely, but it's easy to "snick" the loaders out with a flick of the wrist.
KUWAIT, Jan 14 (KUNA) -- The Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) is very proud to work with the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) over the last 15 years, Ambassador Nicholas Burns, Faculty Director of the Middle East Initiative at HKS, which oversees the Kuwait Program, said Wednesday.