HKSAHong Kong Student Association
HKSAHong Kong Society of Accountants
HKSAHong Kong Standards on Auditing
HKSAHong Kong Stockbrokers Association (est. 1978)
HKSAHervormde Kerk in Suidelike Afrika (Reformed Church in South Africa)
HKSAHuman Kinetics Student Association (University of Guelph and University of Ottawa; Canada)
HKSAHong Kong Society of Arts
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with W the wage, P the price index, MA the estimated goods market access, SA the estimated goods supplier access, HKMA the estimated human capital market access, HKSA the estimated human capital supplier access, PR the sectoral productivity, PRMA productivity spillovers from markets, PRSA productivity spillovers from suppliers, U the unemployment rate, AC the percentage of active population, and [alpha] country dummies.
The Accounting Standards Committee (ASC) was established by the HKSA in February 1982 to provide guidance for the preparers of financial statements in Hong Kong.
Additional accounting guidance for reconciliation items for the profit and loss statements may need to be provided by the HKSA for H-shares in Hong Kong.
14, Accounting for Leases and Hire Purchase Contracts, that was issued in August 1988 by the HKSA.