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HKSARHong Kong Special Administrative Region
HKSARHong Kong Special Autonomous Region (China)
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Comparison and Analysis of the Parliamentary System in HKSAR
The Basic Law provides for freedom of religion, and the Bill of Rights Ordinance prohibits religious discrimination by the HKSAR Government.
The economy of the HKSAR recovered in 2004 with growth of 8.
The HKSAR is an interesting area to examine these relationships because well-enforced regulations have yet to emerge in response to both ample and growing public concerns about environmental issues.
According to this author's informant close to the top level of the HKSAR government, the Tung administration was originally given a deadline of January 2003 for the legislation to be approved by the Legislative Council (LegCo).
The Basic Law of the HKSAR ("Basic Law") authorizes the HKSAR to participate in relevant international organizations and to enter into international trade agreements on its own.
The HKSAR's agreement with the Disney Corporation in late 1999 to build a major theme park in Hong Kong also benefited from the support of Beijing, which reportedly discouraged Shanghai from competing with the HKSAR.
Railways will be vital in supporting the economic, social and population growth of the HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) in the next 15 years," Secretary for Transport Nicholas Ng said.
and Delifrance, now have outlets spread throughout the HKSAR, with scores of smaller concerns selling high-quality coffee blends imported from Colombia, Brazil, Jamaica, and Indonesia, reports Hong Kong Trader.
4) Although there are numerous political parties in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), some of them are dependent on the PRC for political influence upon the HKSAR Government, where a multiparty system without any dominant party exists.
The HKSAR will be directly under the Central Chinese Government and, except in matters of foreign affairs and defence, will have a high degree of autonomy;