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HKSARHong Kong Special Administrative Region
HKSARHong Kong Special Autonomous Region (China)
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The HKSAR Government will assess the situation carefully and take forward constitutional development according to the Basic Law and the relevant NPCSC interpretation and decisions.
In 2007, Beijing's Hu-Wen leadership promised direct popular election of the HKSAR chief executive in 2017.
Comparison and Analysis of the Parliamentary System in HKSAR
The HKSAR Government's financial position is among the strongest of any government rated by Moody's.
The high degree of autonomy accorded to the HKSAR is not an inherent power but one that emerges from the authorization of the central leadership.
Numerous foreign missionary groups operated in and out of the HKSAR.
The economy of the HKSAR recovered in 2004 with growth of 8.1%, while unemployment fell, the government deficit narrowed and deflation came to an end.
Accordingly, this study will take a focused approach by examining how stakeholder pressures are influencing fleet operations within firms in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China (HKSAR).
The customer for the project is HKSAR Government of Highways Department and the location for the project is the northern part of the Deep Bay Link in the Hong Kong New Territories.
On that day in 1997 the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) was established under the Basic Law, a "mini constitution" which enshrined the concept of "one country, two systems." It reserved to the People's Republic of China (PRC) responsibility for defence and foreign affairs but otherwise provided the HKSAR with a high degree of independent authority and for the maintenance of Hong Kong's established legal structures and for protection of private property and basic freedoms.
(3) As a coastal jurisdiction, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ("HKSAR") is obliged to ensure through proper conservation and management measures that the maintenance of the living resources in its exclusive economic zone is not endangered by over-exploitation.
To demonstrate its commitment to its innovative `one country, two systems' principle, Beijing has made great efforts to adopt a `hands-off' approach to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).