HKSTHong Kong Summer Time (daylight savings time)
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The HKST concept itself is an outgrowth of the Airborne Manned/Unmanned System Technology ACTD, focused on providing Level 4 control--control of everything but takeoffs and landings, including the UAV's electro-optical/infrared payload--to users onboard the AH-64D Longbow Apache (see "The Robot's Got Your Back," JED, January 2003, p.
The HKST ACTD has successfully conducted demonstrations in which Hunter UAVs have been controlled from an Apache helicopter Providing such a capability to the EUH-60L would enable far greater situational awareness to the helicopter by allowing it to access imagery from the UAVs under its control and to direct the UAVs to look at areas of particular interest to the command-and-control ([C.