HKTBHong Kong Tourist Board
HKTBHereditary Knights Templar of Britannia (est. 1118)
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With their expertise and experience in different areas, we are confident that they will help the HKTB in enhancing Hong Kong's position as a premier tourist destination," a spokesman for the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau said.
In November 2008, HKTB established Meetings and Exhibitions Hong Kong (MEHK).
The joint cruise promotion between the HKTB and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau serves as an important collaborative model as Hong Kong and Taiwan partner to tap the cruise potential of the region.
Encouraged by the growing interest in Hong Kong among Indian travellers, HKTB has introduced six major tourism products in the Indian market.
This year, the HKTB will bring in new visual effects to the pyrotechnic display, including numeric patterns for the countdown.
In his speech at Shangri-La at The Fort, HKTB regional director Simon Wong said dining in the Asian megacity should be seen as 'an act of more than just filling up the stomach and satisfying our taste buds.
Most recently, HKTB launched an Arabic version of its award winning website DiscoverHongKong.
South and Southeast Asia visitor numbers rose by 40 percent, while long-haul flights (over six and half hours) were up 10 percent, says the HKTB.
Take a selfie at the HKTB pavilion or download the 'My Hong Kong Guide' app and receive a free gift.
In recent years, the HKTB has been actively developing new markets to open up visitor sources for Hong Kong.
Through three major marketing approaches, the HKTB aims to attract global visitors heading for the Shanghai Expo, which is projected by the organizer to reach about 70 million, to come to Hong Kong before or after their visits to the Shanghai Expo.
Hong Kong Summer Fun is the biggest HKTB promotion in recent years.