HKUSTHong Kong University of Science and Technology
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Since the Company started to sponsor and participate in "The Seventh Annual HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition" in April this year, GF Securities, adhering to its company principle of giving back to society, continues to work jointly with HKUST to hold the seminar entitled "All About Startup Fundraising".
We also have various institutes, such as the Institute for Advanced Study of HKUST, and the HKUST Shenzhen Institute based in Shenzhen.
Moderator is Professor Xu Yan, Associate Dean, HKUST Business School.
The collaboration between Saudi Aramco and HKUST demonstrates Saudi Aramco's long-standing and growing energy relationship with Asia in new business and cultural relationships, including closer ties to higher education," said Ms Huda M.
Changing roles of reference librarians: the case of the HKUST Institutional Repository.
When I retired from HKUST and learned that IMA[R] was attempting to promote IMA and the CMA[R] program in China, I called then IMA President Paul Sharman with some suggestions.
Funding/Support: This material was based on work supported in part by the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, grants HKUST 613406 and 613008; the National Natural Science Foundation of China, NSFC 70971084 and 71001066; and the Open Fund of the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Environment, grant KF200901.
The number of Europeans applying for MBA courses at Asia's big four business schools--China Europe International Business School in Shanghai (CEIBS), the HKUST Business School in Hong Kong, Indian School of Business in Hyderabad and Singapore's Nanyang Business School--has risen by between 320 and 6,400 per cent since 2001.
In Gao's group, at HKUST, a capacitive transducer has been developed for online measurement of the melt flow length (MFL) during mold filling [9].
Summary of Experimental Sessions Treatment Condition in Part 11 Number of Session (Game) (No Inequality) Subjects Location 1 Trust High 16 UWM 2 Trust High 20 UWM 3 Trust Low 16 UWM 4 Trust Low 16 UWM 5 Trust High 20 HKUST 6 Trust Low 16 HKUST 7 Trust High 16 HKUST 8 Trust Low 16 HKUST 9 Dictator High 16 HKUST 10 Dictator High 20 HKUST 11 Dictator High 16 HKUST 12 Dictator High 16 HKUST 13 Dictator Low 16 Cityu 14 Dictator Low 16 Cityu 15 Dictator Low 16 Cityu 16 Dictator Low 16 Cityu Table 2.