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HL7Health Level 7 (formatting and protocol standard)
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Angela Ciminnisi, Director of Product Management for Mirth noted: "Participating in the HL7 FHIR Connectathon demonstrates our long lasting support of Healthcare initiatives which seek to deliver Interoperable solutions.
Branzell, said : "CHIME is pleased to work with HL7 to promote a standardized approach to interoperable data exchange.
Anyone involved in healthcare and HL7 integration is aware of the challenges inherent when interfacing with HL7 2.
It is estimated that fewer than 40% of currently installed clinical lab instruments use the HL7 standard.
The queries are processed and translated into HL7 messages by the TTCN-3 test system.
Since HL7 uses a consensus-based process, the BHS Workgroup is collaborating with other constituencies to develop standards that support patient consent for sharing information.
Support of Stage 2 Meaningful Use EHR HL7 integration requirements
Liaison and athenahealth have jointly developed an HL7 interface and interoperability guide, to enable rapid deployment of new lab, imaging, and other HL7 messages.
Dependancies : 728: HL7 Implementation Guide for CDAA Release 2: IHE Health Story Consolidation, Release 1.
PilotFish Technology announces enhanced HL7 support for its XCS eiConsole for Healthcare.
ASTM interfaces serve the lab well but do not integrate with the rest of healthcare, which is converging toward HL7.
In December 2005, HL7 held a balloting process on more than 700 criteria for EHR functions within its 2004 proposed draft standards.