HLAAHearing Loss Association of America (formerly Self Help for Hard of Hearing People; Bethesda, MD)
HLAAHousing Land Availability Assessment (UK)
HLAAHuman Leukocyte Antigen-A (cancer)
HLAAHealth Legislation Amendment Act (Australia)
HLAAHippuryl-L-Argininic Acid
HLAAHeated Linoleic Acid Anilide
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"As president of HLAA Rochester chapter, we are pleased to hear we will have access to hearing loops at our newly renovated airport," HLAA's Dan Brooks said.
HLA-C, compared to HLAA or HLA-B, is less polymorphic and presents more restricted repertoire of peptides and low cell surface expression [31, 36].
HLAA has led the way for affordable and accessible hearing health care and applauds this historic effort.
Abbreviations: ACA = Advanced Clinical Access, EAR = Effectiveness of Auditory Rehabilitation, G-G = group fitting and group follow-up, G-I = group fitting and individual follow-up, HHIE = Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly, HLAA = Hearing Loss Association of America, I-G = individual fitting and group follow-up, I-I = individual fitting and individual follow-up, PSHCS = Puget Sound Health Care System, QOL = quality of life, SADL = Satisfaction with Amplification in Daily Life, SC = service and cost, SD = standard deviation, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.
Naperville, IL, July 15, 2015 --(PR.com)-- ClearSounds Communications, the leading manufacturer of listening devices for people with hearing loss, was eager to serve as Super 'Hearoes' for hearing loss at the 30th Annual HLAA Convention at the St.
Population genetic analysis of HLAA, B, C, DR, and other genetic markers.
Melanoma cells treated with HDAC inhibitors downregulated the expression of HDAC proteins, PD-L1, PD-L2, and ornithine decarboxylase and upregulated HLAA molecules on their surface.
HLAA typing by reference strand-mediated conformation analysis (RSCA) using a capillary-based semi-automated genetic analyser.
HLAA and HLA-B haplotypes were determined in 751 unrelated Caucasian subjects from Alabama who had undergone testing to establish paternity as described in detail elsewhere [16].
Expression of la-like and HLAA,B antigens on human multipotential hematopoietic progenitor cells.
Lysates from HLA-A* 24 transduced 721.221 cells were immunoprecipitated with anti-TPN ab and blotted with abs specific for the individual PLC components or the HLAA hc.
Gragert et al., "Estimation of HLAA, -B, -DRB1 haplotype frequencies using mixed resolution data from a National Registry with selective retyping of volunteers," Human Immunology, vol.