HLAAHearing Loss Association of America (formerly Self Help for Hard of Hearing People; Bethesda, MD)
HLAAHousing Land Availability Assessment (UK)
HLAAHuman Leukocyte Antigen-A (cancer)
HLAAHealth Legislation Amendment Act (Australia)
HLAAHippuryl-L-Argininic Acid
HLAAHeated Linoleic Acid Anilide
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HLAA is currently working with the FDA on labeling of O-T-C products, product safety and consumer protection, and we will be among those filing comments when the FDA releases the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for the new category.
Putative alleles that modulate serum IgG1 levels may be linked to certain HLAA and HLA-B loci on chromosome 6p.
Abbreviations: ACA = Advanced Clinical Access, EAR = Effectiveness of Auditory Rehabilitation, G-G = group fitting and group follow-up, G-I = group fitting and individual follow-up, HHIE = Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly, HLAA = Hearing Loss Association of America, I-G = individual fitting and group follow-up, I-I = individual fitting and individual follow-up, PSHCS = Puget Sound Health Care System, QOL = quality of life, SADL = Satisfaction with Amplification in Daily Life, SC = service and cost, SD = standard deviation, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.
com)-- ClearSounds Communications, the leading manufacturer of listening devices for people with hearing loss, was eager to serve as Super 'Hearoes' for hearing loss at the 30th Annual HLAA Convention at the St.
Their 30th year attending the HLAA Convention, ClearSounds is pleased to report that their booth was busy from beginning to end with everyone from current customers who are Quattro 4.
The emotional aspect of the HLAA Convention, though, is what proves to be most satisfying time and time again.
Population genetic analysis of HLAA, B, C, DR, and other genetic markers.
HLAA typing by reference strand-mediated conformation analysis (RSCA) using a capillary-based semi-automated genetic analyser.
Expression of la-like and HLAA,B antigens on human multipotential hematopoietic progenitor cells.