HLAAHearing Loss Association of America (formerly Self Help for Hard of Hearing People; Bethesda, MD)
HLAAHousing Land Availability Assessment (UK)
HLAAHuman Leukocyte Antigen-A (cancer)
HLAAHealth Legislation Amendment Act (Australia)
HLAaHippuryl-L-Argininic Acid
HLAAHeated Linoleic Acid Anilide
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Their 30th year attending the HLAA Convention, ClearSounds is pleased to report that their booth was busy from beginning to end with everyone from current customers who are Quattro 4.
The emotional aspect of the HLAA Convention, though, is what proves to be most satisfying time and time again.
Abbreviations: ACA = Advanced Clinical Access, EAR = Effectiveness of Auditory Rehabilitation, G-G = group fitting and group follow-up, G-I = group fitting and individual follow-up, HHIE = Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly, HLAA = Hearing Loss Association of America, I-G = individual fitting and group follow-up, I-I = individual fitting and individual follow-up, PSHCS = Puget Sound Health Care System, QOL = quality of life, SADL = Satisfaction with Amplification in Daily Life, SC = service and cost, SD = standard deviation, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.
HLAA also supports consumer options in designing hearing health care to include family participation and education, measuring consumer satisfaction, and providing options for serving consumers who bought their hearing aids from another source such as the Internet.
HLAA looks forward to collaborating with audiologists, audiology organizations and hearing aid manufacturers to provide consumers more hearing health care options.
The HLAA has long supported the notion of making an educated choice - for that I am very proud to help this organization continue to make an impact in helping people with hearing loss improve their quality of life.
In addition to the Walk4Hearing, HLAA publishes Hearing Loss Magazine , holds annual Conventions (Convention 2012, Providence, RI, June 21 - 24), and has an extensive network of chapters and state organizations.
In addition to the Walk4Hearing, HLAA publishes Hearing Loss Magazine, holds annual conventions (Convention 2012 is in Providence, RI, June 21 - 24), and chapters and state organizations.
This historic performance shows what can be done to ensure that people with hearing loss can enjoy the arts when appropriate accommodations are in place," said Brenda Battat, executive director of the HLAA.
With wireless such a major part of our lives today, the newly designed CTIA website is a valuable resource for people to find accessible devices they can use depending on their needs," said Brenda Battat, executive director of the HLAA.
President of Heart-Lung Associates of America (HLAA) and Co-Editor in Chief of Congestive Heart Failure, stated, "Following FDA clearance, HLAA plans to utilize the BioZ dTEL exclusively in its DiTEC(TM) (Diagnostic, Treatment, and Education of Cardiac Disease) program that links kidney disease specialists and cardiologists.
HLAA provides cardiology diagnostic and disease management services to dialysis centers in the Southeast and Midwest.