HLACHealthcare Laundry Accreditation Council
HLACHispanic/Latino Advisory Council (Nielsen Company)
HLACHousing Loan Administration Corporation (est. 1996; Japan)
HLACHigh Level Advisory Committee
HLACHistorical Landmarks Advisory Committee (California)
HLACHelicopter Landing Area Certificate (Helideck Certification Agency)
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Because of the limitation of the traditional HLAC function, we can improve its robustness by improving the HLAC template.
For the size of window is 5x5, the number of HLAC templates is as high as 205, which is much bigger than the number of HLAC templates of 3x3 window.
Traditional HLAC multiply the gray value of labeled pixel in the template directly, which cannot reflect the information of image comprehensively.
Aimed at the above disadvantages of traditional HLAC method, we propose an average correction HLAC method, ACHLAC method.
To verify the ACHLAC better, we also experiment on extended HLAC, which is an advanced and effective improved HLAC method.
Figure 6 shows that the ACHLAC features obtain better classification performance compared to original HLAC and extended HLAC.
We also compare the experiment result of ACHLAC to that of the original HLAC and extended HLAC.
ACHLAC has higher classification accuracy compared to original HLAC and extended HLAC, and ACHLAC is more sensitive to abnormal liver pathological images, which can recognize the abnormal liver pathological images better.
Now that financial institutions know the scale of their expected contribution in the short term, the major remaining problem is to ensure that the HLAC - the newly-created body designed to administer the scheme - disposes of its non-performing assets quickly and makes substantial efforts to recover some value from the assets that were completely written-off in the first stage of the scheme.