HLADHometown Legislative Action Day
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The genotype Helio 358 showed higher HLAD and OS in comparison to Aguara 03, in the regular season, not differing for the variables TAW and AY (Table 2).
Considering the factor application scheme in the regular season experiment, the treatments with fungicide application showed higher HLAD and lower AUDPC and OS (Table 2).
This low yield can be explained by the probable negative effect of the irrigation performed during the crop vegetative phase, contributing to high AUDPC and low HLAD, although there was no difference for these variables in the CONTROL.
On Friday, Commissioner Hahn is also set to meet the leaders of the political parties and attend a HLAD meeting as well as meetings with representatives of the NGO sector and foreign diplomats in the country.
Kocijancic said that the political parties having signed the political agreement in June had already agreed that all main political parties should attend the HLAD meetings.
In response to the Greek blocks keeping Macedonia from opening accession talks, the European Union established HLAD as a creative dialogue and only tool that could bring the country closer to it.
The agenda will include fewer issues than the previous HLAD rounds.
The next two sessions of the HLAD will take place in May and September.
I talked with my interlocutors about the overview of the progress made in regard to the priorities of the HLAD and the good neighborly relations, which is in keeping with the conclusions of the European Council.
According to unconfirmed information from Brussels, at his meetings with Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and Deputy prime Minister for European Affairs Teuta Arifi, Commissioner Fule is going to address the HLAD, and at his meetings with the leaders of BDI, SDSM and PDSH, Ali Ahmeti, Branko Crvenkovski and Menduh Thaci respectively, he will discuss the ongoing political situation, Dnevnik reports.
Commissioner Fule is coming to Skopje Monday to the third round of the HLAD to discuss the results and accomplishments of the previous two rounds," Peter Stano, Commissioner Fule's spokesman, told Dnevnik.
The expectations in Skopje are that the report will be mostly positive and that implementing the tasks of the HLAD Roadmap will be a good enough argument to remind the European Union and the Council that Macedonia deserves to open membership negotiations.