HLADRHuman Leukocyte Antigen DR-1
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3] celulas fueron incubadas (15 minutos a temperatura ambiente) con los anticuerpos CD13 APC (pharmingen), CD34 APC (Caltag), CD44 FITC (BD), CD45 PECy5 (Caltag), CD73 PE (BD), CD90 PE (Dako), CD105 FITC (eBioscience), HLA-I FITC (Caltag) y HLADR PE (BD).
The B cell subpopulation was defined by CD 19+ CD45 bright positivity and coexpression of other B lineage markers: CD20, CD22, C10, CD29, CD38 and CD58 in addition to HLADR and CD34.
Spesifik HLADR molekulleri ile (DR-2 ve DR-5) iliski one surulmektedir.
Allele frequencies of HLA-A, HLA-B, and HLADR in the NC and CC groups were analyzed and compared with the SAS/genetic module.
Concomitant delineation of surface Ig, B-cell differentiation antigens and HLADR on lymphoid proliferations using three-color immunocytometry.
42] The expression of either CD26 or CD69, as well as IL-2 receptor and HLADR, can be determined by flow cytometry using fluoresceinated monoclonal antibodies and will indicate the functional activity of the older adult's T cell population.