HLASHandbook of Latin American Studies (US Library of Congress)
HLASHazardous Location Analysis System
HLASHigh Level Assembler
HLASHumanities Lit Authors Shakespeare (newsgroup; est. 1995)
HLASHispanic and Latin American Studies
HLASHome Loan Account Scheme (home-buyer's savings plan; India)
HLASHigh Level Alarm Switch (storage tanks; Gauging Systems, Inc.)
HLASHemingway Look-Alike Society (Key West, FL)
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Importantly, neither the HLS nor the HLAS include a full measure of depressive symptoms or PTSD.
With service providers in mind and the kind of information needed for clinical intervention, treatment, and counseling, the IPS consolidates other structured measures and assessment tools into a survey (giving credit to and citing these measures), including the HLS and HLAS, and also adds items that provide more detail about tribal identity, traumatic experiences, depressive symptoms, PTSD symptoms, and Indigenous identity.
Tambien aparece en HA y en tres BBDD especializadas: RHSB, HLAS, SA y WPSA, lo que le permite ocupar la segunda posicion en este ranking.
Esta presente en los dos directorios y en las BBDD PCI, HA, RHSB y HLAS.
Updated weekly, HLAS Online contains more than 300,000 bibliographic citations, annotations, and bibliographic essays on works published from 1935 to the present.
Es importante senalar que no ha sido considerado otro repertorio representativo de este grupo, el Handbook of Latin American Studies: HLAS Online.
de periodicas periodicas indexadas en la argentinas base de datos indexadas en la base de datos Bases de datos HLAS 2.