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HLBHuanglongbing (citrus disease)
HLBHong Leong Bank
HLBHardware Load Balancer
HLBHelp Library
HLBHeritage Land Bank (Alaska)
HLBHydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance
HLBHarder Logistik Beratung (German: Harder Logistics Consultancy)
HLBHorton Lees Brogden Lighting Design (company with studios in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston)
HLBHotels Licensing Board (Singapore)
HLBHarvest Land Base
HLBHL Bourgeois High School (Gray, LA)
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HLB and HLISB were appointed agents for ASNB unit trust funds following agreements signed between ASNB and HLISB on Dec 14, 2017, and HLB on Jan 5, 2018.
The symptoms of HLB are first seen in the canopy of the tree and, eventually, the fruit is affected as well (Halbert and Manjunath, 2004; Bove, 2006).
It is suspected that HLB is one of the major reasons of low production of citrus per ha in Pakistan.
Two methods are used for the surfactant selection, namely, Bancroft's rule and HLB value of a surfactant.
Single surfactants or blends close to rHLB value were used as follows: polysorbate 81 (HLB = 10), polysorbate 85 (HLB 11), polysorbate 80/polysorbate 85 (HLB = 11.5), polysorbate 20/polysorbate 81 (HLB = 12), polysorbate 20/polysorbate 85 (HLB = 12), polysorbate 80/polysorbate 81 (HLB = 12), polysorbate 80/polysorbate 85 (HLB = 12), and polysorbate 80/polysorbate 85 (HLB = 12.5).
HLB is caused by a bacterium and is spread by the Asian citrus psyllid, which feeds on leaves of infected trees and carries the disease from tree to tree.
Adults and nymphs are capable of acquiring the HLB pathogen after feeding on an infected plant for 30 min or longer (Capoor et al.
The devastating effects of citrus greening disease (also known as Huanglongbing, or HLB) on citrus production in Florida is a prime example of how destructive a crop disease can be, and how a single disease can endanger an entire industry.
MANAMA: Ely Audit and Consulting has signed an agreement to join HLB International, a leading global mid-tier international accountancy network.