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HLBHuanglongbing (citrus disease)
HLBHong Leong Bank
HLBHardware Load Balancer
HLBHelp Library
HLBHeritage Land Bank (Alaska)
HLBHydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance
HLBHarder Logistik Beratung (German: Harder Logistics Consultancy)
HLBHorton Lees Brogden Lighting Design (company with studios in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Boston)
HLBHotels Licensing Board (Singapore)
HLBHarvest Land Base
HLBHL Bourgeois High School (Gray, LA)
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Hall has spent years inoculating citrus trees with HLB to evaluate resistance, and those efforts led him to wonder about the effects of flush on HLB infection rates.
Adults and nymphs are capable of acquiring the HLB pathogen after feeding on an infected plant for 30 min or longer (Capoor et al.
To prevent the spread of a disease like HLB, early detection at the asymptomatic stage is critical.
It was signed by Ely Audit and Consulting managing partner Khalid Marhoon and HLB International chief executive Robert G Tautges.
Por ainda nao haver metodos curativos para o HLB nem para variedades comerciais com algum nivel de resistencia, essa doenca tem causado enormes prejuizos economicos e sociais, com impactos negativos a citricultura nacional.
HLB is now the fourth largest commercial bank operating in the Malaysian banking sector; it had total assets of MYR 156.
With further research, the profiles may prove to be "a reliable, rapid, and early indicator of the presence of the HLB pathogen in an orchard," Dr.
In the analysts' view, HLB boasts an adequate asset quality, sufficient funding, strong profitability, robust capital and reputable banking franchise.
With one of the project's goals being to increase the Latino customer base, HLB learned that brighter, more colorful schemes would be preferred over quiet, subtle ones by this demographic.
has been granted a patent for a composition comprised of a first nonionic nonylphenol surfactant having an HLB value ranging from approximately 10-15; a second nonionic nonylphenol surfactant having an HLB value ranging from approximately 16-20; optionally, a bio-film permeation agent; and an aqueous solvent, wherein a total of the first surfactant and the second surfactant in the composition ranges from approximately 220% by weight of a total weight of the composition and a ratio of the second surfactant to the first surfactant in the composition ranges from 2:1-4:1.