HLBSHeart, Lung, Blood and Sleep Disorders
HLBSHonourable Lead Boiler Suit Company (UK)
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6, I.O.B.B., held at Springfield, Ill., January 17th, 18th, and 19th, 1886 (Chicago: Max Stern & Co., 1886), 20-21; HLBS minutes, October 8, 1882.
Dynamic Wetting Agents: These surfactants are characterized by a low HLB and a structure that offers minimal intermolecular and intramolecular interactions.
According to Table 2, Meaningful differences were found at the health responsibility (p<0.01), Spiritual Growth (p<0.05), Interpersonal Relations, Stress Management and HLBS Total parameters (p<0.001).
Property MD1 MD2 MD3 TMDD Activity, % weight 100 100 100 (c) 100 (c) Viscosity, cP, 25 2000 200 (21 solid (c) solid (c) [degrees]C [degrees]C) HLB (a) 4 <4 3 4 Water Solubility, % 0.06 0.003 0.03 0.1 EST (b), mN/m, 25 35.2 28.5 34.1 33.1 [degrees]C, 0.1 % weight VOC Solvents (neat None None None (c) None (c) material) (a) HLB = hydrophile-lipophile balance determined using the Water-Solubility Method, "The HLB System," ICI Americas, Inc., 1992.
Commonly, these stabilizing surfactants are high HLB (hydrophile-lipophile balance) ethoxylate or ionic types that are prone to stabilize foam as well.
The plans were halted and new proposals drawn up including the HLBs, along with other tenants' groups.
Low HLB, nonionic Gemini-type surfactants are commonly utilized for this reason.
The new Labour council is consulting over the proposed scrapping of the Housing Liaison Boards (HLBs) - which represent 65,000 council house tenants - and their replacement with a smaller group of ten District Housing Panels.