HLBSHeart, Lung, Blood and Sleep Disorders
HLBSHonourable Lead Boiler Suit Company (UK)
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Table: Comparison of student scores before the training, at first post-training observation and at second post-training observation together with HLBS II and Sub Factor Scores.
The study found that HLBS II total, health responsibility, physical activity, nutrition, interpersonal relations and stress management scores improved after the health behaviours development training and that the effectiveness of training on health responsibility, physical activity and HLBS II total scores lasted for a considerable time (4 weeks).
Examining educational studies performed using the HLBS II scale in scope of literature review, it was found that, similar to this study, post-training scores were higher compared to pre-training scores.
05), Interpersonal Relations, Stress Management and HLBS Total parameters (p<0.
When the sub-dimensions of the HLBS analyzed, the highest average of the behaviors which contributed to improve health, was observed among the Turkish students in interpersonal relations.
A significant difference was found in the average total points of HLBS of TS and FS the HLBS Total value of the TS are significantly higher than FS.