HLCITHigh Level Commission for Information Technology (Nepal)
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All of the Tele-centres that were being supported exclusively by the HLCIT reported providing basic services such as phone, internet, photocopy, scanner and printer (3).
Open Knowledge Network Project (OKNP) is a multi-stakeholder partnership formed among HLCIT, ENRD, Internet Service Providers Association of Nepal (ISPAN), MPP, One World South Asia (OWSA), Delhi and READ with a goal of promoting local content in the Nepali language5.
As reported in the Sub-Regional Workshop on "Empowering the Rural Community through Community e-Center" that was convened in 2008, formation of sub-committees under Rural Telecom Coordination Committees at the HLCIT on policy, content and baseline/mapping, and consideration of incentives for Tele-centre operators including tax breaks (MoIC, 2009) are encouraging policy developments that lend support to the variety of Tele-centre initiatives that are taking place in rural areas.
Presentation made by vice-chairperson of HLCIT at the Regional Workshop for Knowledge-hubs in Asia-Pacific Region.
Sangam Community Library, supported by HLCIT and READ-Nepal, was the only one providing value-added services.