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HLDHold (baseball relief pitcher statistic)
HLDHomeland Defense (US)
HLDHigh Level Design
HLDHigh-Level Disinfection
HLDHigh-Level Dialogue
HLDHigh Level Discrete (command type)
HLDHigh Lift Device (aviation)
HLDHorny Little Devil
HLDHuman Lawn Dart (bicycling)
HLDHypersensitivity Lung Disease
HLDHarbour Launch Diesel (Royal Navy)
HLDHeaven's Last Defense (gaming clan)
HLDHoward Lindley Desings (Second Life shop)
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The HLD 700 has low space requirements, and is available for monolayer extrusion and for coextrusion up to three layers, Graham reports.
AMERICAN LEISURE HLD (OTCMKTS:AMLH): By the end of last trading, the AMERICAN LEISURE HLD (OTCMKTS:AMLH) shares lost US$0.
What's more, the CWID scenario merged aspects of HLS and HLD with coalition operations so the demonstration could be used as a proving ground for emerging technologies through the entire spectrum of first responders.
Chapter 2, Commander and Staff Responsibilities and Duties, is a consolidation of the HLD and Department of Defense guidance provided to Department of the Army for the architecture, organization, and the expectations of the installation commander and staff for AT/FP.
HLD, which didn't answer its phone when I called twice last week, apparently sent its message to a batch of newsgroups.
Demis Ohandjanian, CEO of the HLD Group said: "I am delighted to have the support of Aldermore as we continue to grow our business and employ more people.
Successfully deploy all assigned units to Fort McCoy and execute intense, safe CBRN HLD training.
RBS Invoice Finance and RBS Corporate banking teams in Birmingham, comprising Colin Muir, Derek Prince and Ian Macnamee, put together a finance package while the Leeds office of financial services firm Mazars introduced Cavalier to HLD Group.
Challenges to Army Intelligence Support for HLD Authorities
Marine Corps reactivated the 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade (Anti-Terrorism) as part of its long-range strategy in support of HLD.