HLDIHighway Loss Data Institute
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Prior IIHS and HLDI research has shown that states with the strongest laws enjoy the biggest reductions in fatal crashes among 15 to 17-year-old drivers and the biggest reductions in collisions reported to insurers among 16 to 17-year-old drivers, compared with states with weak laws (see Status Report special issue: teenage drivers, May 7, 2009, and " Licensing teenagers later reduces their crashes," September 9, 2008).
But according to HLDI, and to the surprise of many, the efforts of LaHood and his department are for naught.
The HLDI compared collisions of 100 insured vehicles per year in New York, Washington D.
Highway Loss Data Institute (1983), HLDI Injury and Collision Loss Experience, Washington, DC (September).
The HLDI is an affiliate of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a non-profit research and education organization dedicated to improving highway safety.
This was our first opportunity to study advanced crash avoidance technology on a high-volume vehicle, and the results are impressive," says HLDI Vice President Matt Moore.
General Motors has put a lot of effort into new antitheft technology, so that may help explain the decline in the Escalade's theft rate," says HLDI Vice President Matt Moore.
As one would hope, recalls mitigate the effect of fire-related defects," says HLDI Vice President Matt Moore.
Age-related impairments can affect a person's driving, so concern over the country's changing demographic make-up is understandable," says HLDI Vice President Matt Moore in a statement.
The HLDI study indicates that while small cars tend to be popular among teen drivers, they're also more dangerous than larger vehicles because a shorter wheelbase can be less forgiving with driving mistakes.
The HLDI report examined data on vehicles associated with a theft claim, not thefts of entire vehicles-semantically similar, but empirically opposite.
The McGRATH MAC system, including handle and display monitor, meet Aircraft's HLDi standard.