HLECHuman Lens Epithelial Cell (eye)
HLECHealthy Living East Cambridgeshire (UK)
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To evaluate proliferation activity, HLEC and keratocyte were analyzed with a CCK-8 assay kit at 24 h after seeding on the DCLs.
HLEC attachment, spreading, and proliferating activity on the DCLs were evaluated.
To reconstruct a stratified epithelium on DCL, a DCL was laid on a 24-well culture insert (0.4 fm pore size, Corning), and HLECs were seeded at a density of 1 x [10.sup.5] cells/[cm.sup.2].
In addition to its ability to emit light under a strain of greater than 480 percent its original size, the group's HLEC was shown to be capable of being integrated into a soft robotic system.
2009) HLEC, LLEC, NLEC LLEC files to DAB for review Detainee is notified and can appear at initial board (as of April 2008) 75-day & 6-month reviews in BTIF 17 Sept.
LncRNA-MIAT (lncRNA myocardial infarction associated transcript) is highly expressed in patients with cataracts and is involved in the maintenance of human lens epithelial cells (HLECs) whose dysfunction results in cataract formation.