HLENHeader Length
HLENHardware Address Length
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The dependent variables selected were penetration angle (RAKE), clear wood above defect (EDEPTH), total depth (TDEPTH), halfway point cross-section width (HWID), and halfway point cross-section length (HLEN).
Greater multiple adjusted [R.sup.2] values were found with the HLEN, RAKE, and EDEPTH features with the LD data set.
For the LD data set, SWID was the only significant independent variable for the HWID and HLEN features.
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+ Bits 0-7 Bits 8-15 Bits 16-31 0 Hardware Type (HTYPE) Protocol Type (PTYPE) 32 Hardware Length Protocol Length (PLEN) Operation (OPER) (HLEN) 64 Sender Hardware Address (SHA) 128 Sender Protocol Address (SPA) 160 Target hardware Address (THA) 224 Target Protocol Address (TPA) TABLE 1.