HLEOHigh Latitude Ecological Observatory
HLEOHumane Law Enforcement Officer (animal cruelty investigator)
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Fortham halig god under roderas feng, ricum mihtum, wolde thet him eoroe and uproder and sid waeter geseted wurde woruldgesceafte on wraora gield, thara the forhealdene of hleo sende.
A similar problem arises with hatan and wyrcan 'work' and the personal pronoun him in Beowulf 2337 (10) Heht him pa gewyrcean wigendra hleo eallirenne, eorla dryhten, wigbord wroetlic 'Then the protector of warriors, the lord of earls, bade an iron shield, a splendid war-targe, to be wrought for him' (Gordon 1954: 52-53)
(16) Nolde eaorla hleo aenige pinga pone cwealmcuman cwicne forloetan not-wanted of earls protector any thing the kill-corner alive release 'The protector of earls was minded in no wise to release the deadly visitant alive'