HLESHealth, Leisure and Exercise Science (various universities)
HLESHunter Livestock Export Services (Australia)
HLESHypertensive Lower Esophageal Sphincter
HLESHaute Limite Elastique Soudable (French: High Limit Weldable Elastic; steel)
HLESHighland Lakes Elementary School (Granite Shoals, TX)
HLESHigher Level Environmental Stewardship (UK)
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In the case of kg per DW, HLES season shows significant differences with the rest of seasons for both plots.
The average output per worker was always higher in the HLES season, where the quality of labor evaluation method was applied to both the kg per DW and boxes per DW measurements.
Table 6 shows the Percent of Export Fruit from the HLES season with previous seasons.
The Percent of Fruit Discarded of the HLES season, in which the quality of labor evaluation was implemented, was lower in every case.
Our specific objectives include the following: (a) to confirm that frequency of HLEs are intermittent within the nonclinical group and more persistent in the clinical group and (b) to describe the differences and similarities of HLEs between the clinical and nonclinical group concerning: the level of distress (e.g., anxiety, discomfort and negative definition), the attempts to eliminate the experiences, and the degree of both the interference in daily life and the perceived control over HLEs.
To determine the prevalence of HLEs in each sample, we analysed the average scores for each item and factor.
Subsequently, to determine the characteristics of HLEs, eight features per item were analysed in the interviews, as described in the instruments section.
In this study, we compared the characteristics of HLEs in individuals with and without schizophrenia spectrum disorders.
HLE estimates the equivalent healthy years that a person can expect to live on the basis of the current mortality rates and prevalence distribution of health status in the population.
To estimate HLE at a given age, the prevalence of being healthy at the beginning of the age interval and the total number of person-years lived by a cohort in that age interval were calculated.
HLE estimates were calculated for persons aged 65 years, by sex (male and female) and race (white and black) for each of the 50 states and DC.
For both sexes, estimated HLE generally was less in the South than elsewhere in the United States (Figure 1).