HLGRHigh-Level Gentamicin Resistance (chemotherapy)
HLGRHarrang Long Gary Rudnick P.C. (Oregon)
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The distribution of Enterococci species in nosocomial infections and the rate of HLGR and VRE at our hospital is similar in trends with the other recent reports across the country.
Distribution of HLGR and VRE by Disc Diffusion Method Species HLGR VRE E.
Characterization of aminoglycoside resistance genes among HLGR strains
Antibiotic susceptibility pattern revealed that among 43 HLGR isolates, 55.
5%) was the most prevalent species among HLGR isolates, as well as the prevalence of E.
All of these data indicates that aph (2") Ib, aph (2") Ic and aph (2")Idgenes don't play an important role in producing HLGR isolates in this region, but aac(6')Ie-aph(2")Ia gene which is more prevalent is a main gene that produces HLGR isolates by enzymatic mechanisms.
The prevalence of 43 HLGR isolates of enterococcus species that confirmed with minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) method in different ICU.
Patient B, a 70-year-old woman with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, had recurrent bacteremia with HLGR E.
During 2001-2002, a total of 20 HLGR isolates were collected from 19 pigs and from 1 sample of pork as part of the Danish Integrated Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring and Research Program (DANMAP) (Table) (5,6).
Multilocus sequence typing (MLST) was performed for the 24 HLGR isolates as described (11).
The HLGR ST16 isolates were further screened by PCR for the aac(6')Ie-aph(2")Ia gene, the aph(2")Ib and aph(2")Id genes and the aph(2")Ic gene to assess the genetic background of gentamicin resistance.
Our study provides evidence of the existence of a widespread community reservoir of HLGR ST16 in pigs in Denmark during 2001-2002, which coincided with emergence of HLGR ST16 isolates among IE patients in North Denmark Region.