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HLIHuman Life International
HLIHighland Light Infantry
HLIHigh Level Interface
HLIHayes Lemmerz International, Inc. (Delaware)
HLIHigh Layer Information
HLIHuman-Level Intelligence
HLIHigh-Low Impedance (microwave theory)
HLIHispanic Leadership Institute
HLIHost Language Interface
HLIHealthy Living Initiative (UK)
HLIHoward Leight Industries (various locations)
HLIHekemian Laboratories Incorporated
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HLI's business focus includes the HLI Health Nucleus, a genomic-powered, clinical research and discovery center which uses whole genome sequence analysis, advanced clinical imaging and innovative machine learning, along with curated personal health information, to deliver the most complete picture of individual health.
Seventy percent of HLI was owned by the Tarlac Development Corp.
The DAR has coordinated with three auditing firms and has threatened legal action against the HLI should the corporation plan to purposely delay the proceedings again.
Seated behind his desk in his office two floors above the sequencing lab, his red poodle Darwin sleeping quietly at his feet, Venter has pulled up images on his computer that show how in one early experiment HLI scientists were able to sequence 1,000 people's genomes and then reconstruct their faces solely on the basis of the genetic data.
Venter said that HLI is now sequencing tumors to understand their functioning and how best to treat them.
HLI has created a database of whole genome, phenotype and clinical data.
HLI will sequence and characterize PSC-100 at the molecular level to complement data Celgene has gleaned from PSC-100 in Phase 1 human studies.
Having said that," Potter continued, "we are pleased that the percentage of new 401(k) retirement plans that have included HLI as part of their lineup of investment options has steadily increased since HLI first became available on Jan.
HLI is a declared enemy of reproductive choice--as well as any other person, group or practice that doesn't fit in with its far-right world-view.
In terms of education, HLI creates and prints school textbooks, among others; it has in-house editing, and it provides education support by supporting teachers via a training program adapted to the latest tools.
The HLI sites (Strafford, Rockingham, and Hillsborough counties) were along the coast and had 37-104 reported Lyme disease cases per 100,000 persons; the MLI sites (Carroll, Belknap, Merrimack, and Cheshire counties) bordered the coastal counties and had 10-19 cases per 100,000 persons; and the LLI sites (Coos, Grafton, and Sullivan counties) were the most inland and had 5-12 Lyme disease cases per 100,000 persons.
The rest of this article analyzes the concept of an HLI and examines the companies cited by BAH as HLIs to see whether their designation as HLIs is robust.